My illness.

My name is Robin. I’ve started this blog because I feel that it’s a good thing to share my experiences, living with a chronic illness. I suffer from a bastard disease known as lyme disease. Annoyingly I haven’t been diagnosed by the NHS, although it’s completely accepted among my family and with a few of the people I’ve come to know who have also been the victim of this horrible illness, that after I was bit by upwards of 20 ticks, I’ve been ill due to a tick borne disease. Common sense conclusion I hear you say? Apparently not.. More likely a complete and utter coincidence as the NHS doctors would have many lyme sufferers believe. Ha haha.. What a fucking joke.


Some of you may wonder what lyme disease is. Well it’s many things and they’re all a complete bastard behind the eyes among every other area of the body. The best way to describe the impact that this disease has on a sufferers life is to try and imagine your world shrinking and shrinking until really your confined to a claustrophobic state of inability, house bound and socially incapable due to the lack of energy it takes simply to hold a conversation due to your head  spinning and your thoughts being scrambled like a jigsaw puzzle in a hoover. If untreated in the early stages with antibiotics, it renders most chronically fatigued, chronically depressed, some completely disabled, and  all no doubt terribly aware that the parasitic disease that has rendered them so useless in turn has turned them into somewhat of a parasite themselves considering they now rely on the energy and strength of others to get through the day both emotionally and physically.

It’s not always this bad but when it’s bad it’s really really bad.


That’s all for now because I’m too sick to write any more.


One thought on “My illness.

  1. I am so sorry to hear that Robin, I know you have referred to your illness before, but I never exactly knew what it was. That’s horrible that the doctors wont acknowledge it properly. I have been suffering from some sort of illness or condition too, but because my results come back “all clear”, they simply say that everything is tip top. It makes you feel ignored, mocked, and that on top of the real cause.
    Thankfully you are a creative soul, and you have such a great way of wording things, pinpoint it, and I reckon sharing your experiences here can potentially help a lot of other people suffering from lyme disease as well. Wishing you all the best R.

    X J

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